Ross River, Townsville

Ross River, Townsville


The paddle


The launch point is from Kimball Street pontoon at Aitkenvale. From this point you can paddle about 1 to 2 km in both directions. In one direction you will meet the Gleesons weir, whilst in the other direction you will meet Aplins weir.


This is a good introductory paddle, assists with exercise and skill development in a protected section of the river.


How to get there


Kimball Street is located near the Nathan Street bridge in Aitkenvale, Townsville.


What to expect Ð water conditions, etc


This is a protected section of the river between two weirs.


Distance/Time to allow


Approximately 2 kms in both directions to the weirs. Allow 1 to 2 hours depending on the focus of your paddling activities.


Camping facilities, accommodation, etc


There are a range of camping and accommodation choices available in Townsville. A starting point is the Tourism section of Townsville Online:


Other attractions in the area


Magnetic Island.


Other useful information


City Wide maps are available on the web from the Townsville City Council website at:  


Further maps and local information is available from:     


A bird brochure is available at:


Townsville Canoe Club paddle on this creek regularly and if you are local joining the club is a good way to find out about other secret canoe trips and to enjoy the company of like minded paddlers.