Ross River, Kelso

Ross River, Kelso


The paddle


The launch point is from the park on Ponti Road at Kelso not far from the Ross Dam wall. From this point you can paddle about 11 km to the Black Weir.


How to get there


The Park at Kelso on the Ross River is accessed from Ponti Road, Kelso, Townsville.


What to expect Ð water conditions, etc


This is a protected section of the river between the dam wall and the black weir. Be aware of any downstream effect from any release from the Ross Dam.


Distance/Time to allow


Approximately 11 kms to the black weir. Allow 2 to 4 hours depending on the focus of your paddling activities. You will need to return to your launch point unless you have made arrangements for a car shuttle or a non-paddler to meet you at the black weir area.


Camping facilities, accommodation, etc


There are a range of camping and accommodation choices available in Townsville. A starting point is the Tourism section of Townsville Online:


Other attractions in the area


Magnetic Island.


Other useful information


City Wide maps are available on the web from the Townsville City Council website at:  


Further maps and local information is available from:     


A bird brochure is available at:    


Townsville Canoe Club paddle on this creek regularly and if you are local joining the club is a good way to find out about other secret canoe trips and to enjoy the company of like minded paddlers.