Maroochy River Upstream, Maroochydore

Maroochy River upstream, Maroochydore


The paddle


Maroochy River from Maroochy Wetlands Conservation Park upstream to the junction of the North Maroochy River and the South Maroochy River and then upstream on the North Maroochy River to Chambers Bridge on Ninderry Road or upstream on the South Maroochy River to the Bruce Highway motorway bridges. Also available are the tributaries of Coolum Creek and Yandina Creek. Bli Bli bridge to Stoney Wharf Road landing 3.8kms, Stoney Wharf Road landing to Coolum Creek mouth 2.7kms, Coolum Creek mouth to Yandina Creek mouth 1.9kms, Yandina Creek mouth to Dunethin Rock landing 5.8km, Dunethin Rock landing to North/South Maroochy River junction 5.5kms. Maroochy River and its tributaries are bordered by a mixture of trees, bushland and agricultural (ex cane farming land) with the occasional farmhouse beside the river. An interesting paddle with very few landing areas outside the launching areas.


How to get there


For the river upstream of the Maroochy Wetlands Conservation Park Ð end of Stoney Wharf Road north east of Bli Bli or Dunethin Rock Landing on the Yandina Bli Bli Road. Toilets are available near Dunethin Rock Landing.


What to expect Ð water conditions, etc


Suitable for all types of crafts, however in strong winds the wider sections of the river can become choppy.


Distance/Time to allow


You can tailor your paddles to the time that you have available. You can organise interesting paddles of 2 to 4 hours in duration.


Camping facilities, accommodation, etc


There are a range of camping and accommodation choices available in the Sunshine Coast area.


Other attractions in the area


Fishing. Surf. A number of other creeks and rivers. National Parks and natural environments. Cruises and other attractions.


Other useful information


Further information on this area can be located through this website:


Suncoast Seniors Recreational Kayak Club and the Sunshine Coast Canoe Club both  regularly paddle in this area if you are local joining the club is a good way to find out about other secret canoe trips and to enjoy the company of like minded paddlers.