Bells Creek, Pelican Waters

Bells Creek, Pelican Waters


The paddle


From the launch point head upstream. Trees, birds, water reflections present. Not many places to get out of canoe/kayak. You will need to return to the launch point to finish your paddle.


How to get there


Keith Hill Park Ð at mouth of Bells Creek at southern end of Pelican Waters the Esplanade. Toilets are available at the park.


What to expect Ð water conditions, etc


Suitable for all weather conditions however best on the higher tides.


Distance/Time to allow


Interesting upstream paddles are available for up to 3 hours duration.


Camping facilities, accommodation, etc


There are a range of camping and accommodation choices available in the Sunshine Coast area.


Other attractions in the area


Fishing. Surf. A number of other creeks and rivers. National Parks and natural environments. Cruises and other attractions.


Other useful information


Further information on this area can be located through this website:           


Suncoast Seniors Recreational Kayak Club and the Sunshine Coast Canoe Club both  regularly paddle in this area if you are local joining the club is a good way to find out about other secret canoe trips and to enjoy the company of like minded paddlers.